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How to Wear

Underwear (Hadagi)

Susoyoke (Basic bottom underwear, Traditional way)
Hada-Juban (Basic upper underwear, Traditional way)
Kimono Slip (Conveniences one-piece style, Recent way)

Kimono Slip

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Kimono Slip This is "Kimono Slip".

This Kimono Slip is sleeveless.
I bought it for Yukata.

Usually, Kimono Slip has cylindrical sleeves.

Kimono Slip Put a cord of right edge to inside of left side.

Kimono Slip Tie cords.

Kimono Slip Put a cord of left edge to right side.
And tie cords.

Kimono Slip Back.

Kimono Slip That's all.

           Date : Aug/19/2009, Sep/15/2009

Susoyoke Hada-Juban Kimono Slip

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