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Flea Markets or "Kottou-Ichi"

You can buy used kimono cheaply in flea market or "Kottou-Ichi" (Antique Markets).

"Kottou-Ichi" is a traditional flea fair of antique in Japan. It is a little different from flea market.
The origin of "Kottou-Ichi" is the stalls of antique in shrine or temple's festivals.
There are many kind of curios, objects of art and old daily necessities.

Now, some "Kottou-Ichi" is difficult to distinguish from flea markets.
But, traditional "Kottou-Ichi" are still existing.
And if you want to get used kimono, visiting to large "Kottou-Ichi" is better choice. There are a lot of antique dealers in there.

In the flea markets and "Kottou-Ichi", some used kimono are dirt cheap.
Moreover, sometimes you can bargain it with negotiation.
So, you can come across a big luck find.

Of course it is secondhand. You have to check about size and damage.
And the sellers go away at the closing of the market. With this reason, the items are difficult to return or exchange.

Visiting "Kottou-Ichi" is delightful.
Please visit there not only for buying the kimono, but also as a sightseeing!

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