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Department stores

The Japanese history of department store dates from beginning of the 19th century.
(The department store is called "Hyakkaten" in Japanese.)

The first department store of Japan is "Mitsukoshi". It was founded in 1904. The forerunner of "Mitsukoshi" was a Gofuku-shop (Kimono-shop) "Echigoya" that was founded in 1673, Edo period.

After that, some Gofuku-shops founded department stores till 1920's.
And more after that, a lot of department stores were founded by private railroad companies, from 1920's to 1960's.

Japanese department stores came from Gofuku-shops.
So, in Japan, department stores have a kimono department.

Generally, salesmen and saleswomen of department stores are polite to customers.
Also, goods are elegant and easy to know the price. But the prices are basically high.

Usually, there is the kimono department at part of 5th-6th floor. It is easy to get in and get out.
If you want to do window-shopping or feast to your eyes, we recommend to visit to department stores.

(Sometimes, you can get not only brand-new kimono but also used kimono in department stores.)

Japanese Department store's map.
(the outside website)

Department store's Kimono events / fairs guide.

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