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Antique or Recycle Kimono shops

The shops selling used kimono are called "Antique kimono shop" or "Recycle kimono shop".
(In Japan, the word "Recycle" is used as a noun. It means "recycled thing".)

Generally, old kimono before WW2 are called "Antique". And comparatively new one after that are "Recycle".

Used clothes shops existed at least from Muromachi age [1392-1573].
But, with life-style and clothes were Westernized, the shops dealing used kimono died away.

However, from about year 2000, the antique kimono boom arose.
Now, there are a lot of Antique / Recycle kimono shops that is private management or chain store in shopping streets or street corners.
Moreover, some resale shops that is selling consumer electronics etc. are dealing in used kimono too.

Used kimono is very reasonable than brand-new one. And no need to sew it. You can wear it soon.

But it is secondhand. Sometimes, the size doesn't fit you or it is damaged.

If you want to buy kimono in low-price, we strongly recommend to visit to Antique / Recycle kimono shops.

Antique Kimono Shop Guide
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