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□ KIMONO Sometimes Brings KIMONO.

If some of your families or friends are Japanese, and you are "seriously" in love with kimono, you might get his or her unnecessary kimono.

Quite a few Japanese people have kimono that they'll not wear.
It's just sitting in their closet, but still precious for them.
Because frequently kimono has histories and old memories.

So, some of them wish someone who really love it accept their kimono.
If you wear it as a treasure, they'll feel happy very much.
They might be pleased even if you make over it to something and use it.
(Some of them don't feel good about your cutting their kimono.)

In autumn 2007, I started wearing kimono for go out with friends or dressing up.
After that, I received a lot of offers to give me their kimono.
They said,

"My mother gave me her kimono, but I don't wear it."
"I'm getting old, and kimono is becoming hard to wear for me."
"I have worn this kimono in my young days. Now I'm too old to wear it."
"I have no daughter and my son's wife doesn't wear kimono."
"My kimono has nowhere to go. But I can't throw away it...that's no way."
"Do you want to get my kimono?"

My mother, grand-mother, aunts, mother's friends, neighbors, acquaintances...
I got a lot of kimono from them.
Sometimes, I put their kimono on and visit them.

If you are sincere to treat Kimono, Kimono sometimes brings Kimono.

Author : oden

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