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Place : Hyogo, Japan

"KIDORAKU" is a word of Japanese.
"KI" means "to wear clothes", "DO-RAKU" means "hobby", "RAKU" means "enjoy" or "easy". "DO" means "way". And, it also means "do" as a verb.
So, "KI*DO*RAKU" means enjoying & doing the way of KIMONO easily.

We are just the one of KIMONO lovers. Enjoying KIMONO in Japan, Today. Learning from tradition and formality, and trying new ideas and new ways.

We want to show you KIMONO's world. We want to help you wear KIMONO in countries other than Japan.

We hope you love & enjoy & become happy with KIMONO!
Our concept is "What a KIMONOFUL World!".

When I build this site, I'm aiming at "simple, light, nobody get lost".
If you find where hard to surf, please let me know!.....(oden)

Members of this site are
[pic] oden (Proposer),
[pic] oichi (Illustrator),
[pic] oshu (English checker),
[pic] okome (Adviser) &
[pic] TORCO (Model).
We were classmates of high-school, and TORCO is a mannequin.

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