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Women's Obi



Chuya-Obi is a casual Obi.

It's worn by women with a casual kimono.

It's around 30cm in width, and 400-420cm in length.

It was born in Edo age[1603-1867], around 1680-1690.
At first, it was reversible of white and black.
With such reason, it was called "Chuya-Obi".

"Chu" means "daytime", and "Ya" means "night".
So, "Chuya" means "day and night".

After that, it came to be made from not only white and black
but also a variety of two fabrics.

Or, it's called "Kujira-Obi" too. "Kujira" means "whale".
Because, whale has black back and white abdomen.

"Hara-awase Obi" is same meaning too.

Before Nagoya-Obi was invented, Chuya-Obi was a standard of casual Obi.
Almost all common women in Jidai-geki (Japanese historical drama) are wearing Chuya-Obi.

But now, Nagoya-Obi is taking the place of Chuya-Obi.
Recently, you only can find it as an antique kimono.

           Date : Sep/18/2009

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