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Furisode is a formal kimono with long length of sleeves.
It is the most gorgeous kimono.

It's worn by young and unmarried women on formal parties or ceremonies,
like marriage ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies or graduation ceremonies.

It's worn with luxurious Obi that has plenty of gold and silver thread.
And the Obi is tied very intricate and deluxe.

Sometimes, Furisode is used as costumes of Enka ballad singers too.
Enka is a genre of Japanese popular song which is full of melancholy.

ex.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6DzxKvpOWo new window open
Title : "Yozakura O-shici" (my favorite song!)
Sing : Fuyumi SAKAMOTO (a famous Enka singer)
Dance : Taichi SAOTOME (an actor of a troupe, he was 16 years old at this time)

Furisode is classified in length of sleeves.
There are "Oh-Furisode (Big-Furisode)",
"Chu-Furisode (Medium-Furisode)" and "Ko-Furisode (Small-Furisode)".
Each Furisode have different length sleeves.
(The sleeves length of basic kimono is around 49cm.)

"Oh-Furisode" is called "Hon-Furisode" too.
"Hon-Furisode" means "the most formal Furisode".
The length of sleeves are around 115cm (114-125cm),
and it's longest sleeves in kimono.

It is having family crest, lined by same fabric of outer material,
lined double and padded the skirt with cotton.

It's a little heavy to move with wearing it.
Usually, it's used in only wedding scene or ceremony.

"Chu-Furisode" is very common now.
Most of Furisode sold in shops is "Chu-Furisode".
The length of sleeves are around 100cm (91-106cm).

But recent years, with Japanese girl's height is becoming higher,
sleeves of "Chu-Furisode" is becoming longer.
It's as long as "Oh-Furisode".

"Ko-Furisode" is not so common.
But often, it's worn with "Hakama (a long pleated skirt/pants worn over kimono)".
The length of sleeves are around 85cm (75-87cm).

Moreover, there are "Kuro-Furisode (Black-Furisode)" and "Iro-Furisode (Color-Furisode)".
It's depend on base color, and "Kuro-Furisode" is more formal.
But, this rule is about to fade away.

           Date : Jul/23/2009

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