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Obi-jime is an accessory of kimono.

It's tied on middle of obi to keep obi's shape.

It's around 160cm in length.
But if it has enough length & strength, all cords can be used as Obi-jime.

In the latter period of Edo age [1603-1867],
Obi-jime was born in Edo (present Tokyo).
There are two opinions about origin of Obi-jime.

One of them is a cord that Kabuki actor tied to avoid their costume coming loose.
Women in Edo (present Tokyo) had followed him and it became standard.

The other is a cord that Bushi (Samurai) tied to their Katana (Japanese sword).
It was called "Sageo" and fastened their Katana to their obi.
Some widow tied her husband's Sageo as a keepsake to her obi.

These two opinions and another new view are possible.

There are various kind of Obi-jime.
It's sorted by shape of a section and way of making.
The main kind are as follows.

Hira-gumi □ Hira-gumi / Hira-uchi

Flat braided cord.

Maru-gumi □ Maru-gumi / Maru-uchi

Round braided cord.

Maru-guke □ Maru-guke

Wrapped cotton with cloth, and blindstitched.
A blind stitch is called "Kuke-nui" in Japanese.
And "kuke" changed into "guke".

Sanbu-himo □ Sanbu-himo

A little thin and short flat Obi-jime.
It's often used with Obi-dome.

           Date : Nov/22/2009

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