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Obi-age is an accessory of kimono.
It's also called "Shoi-age".

It's tied on an upper edge of obi to hide Obi-makura and hold obi to body.
Beside usual type, there is "So-Shibori" type that has tie-dyeing all over it.
So-Shibori type is mainly used with Furisode.

Usual type is around 30cm in width, and around 170cm in length.
So-Shibori type is around 20cm in width, and around 130cm in length.
But if it has enough width and length, all clothes can be used as Obi-age.

It's supposed to be an invention of Geisha.

In the last years of Edo age [1603-1867],
Obi-age was born in Fukagawa in Edo (present Tokyo).
The inventor is Geisha in Fukagawa who are called "Tatsumi Geisha".

When they invented "Otaiko Musubi / Taiko Musubi",
Obi-makura and Obi-age were born together.
Obi-makura's function is to keep obi's shape neatly.
Obi-age's function is to hide and support Obi-makura.

           Date : Nov/22/2009

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