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Japanese Traditional Colors

Around kimono, Japanese traditional colors are still used well.
People who are familiar with kimono don't say like "Pink".
They say "Momo-iro", "Jinza-momi", "Kara-kurenai" and so on.

When you are deeply interested in kimono and study with fervor,
you must be faced with Japanese traditional colors.

Here we show you Japanese traditional colors.
Now, 465 traditional colors are known and used widely.
And, it is said that there are more than 1300 old colors including nameless colors.

The name of these colors came from nature around people and everyday life.
We translated these names literally and word-for-word.
We think poor explanation is gauche.
Please feel the nuance!

Do you want to arrange the list to single line?

Do you want to arrange the list to single line?

           Date : Sep/13/2009

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