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Men's Kimono


Men's Yukata

Yukata is an unlined dyed cotton kimono for lounging or sleeping in summer.

It's worn to enjoy a cool evening breeze or a summer festival in shrines.

At first, it was used like a bathrobe in Edo period.
But the position improves with the age,
and we wearing Yukata as a casual townwear for summer now.

Now, in Japan, young women are considering Yukata like a summer dress.
(But, young men are wearing it only for summer festival.)

From about 5 years ago, a lot of companies started to sell Yukata.
You can buy Yukata not only at kimono-shops but also
at volume sales supermarkets or shopping malls.

(Some people of elderly generation aren't welcoming this current of the time.)

           Date : Aug/15/2009

Montsuki Omeshi Tsumugi Komon Wool Yukata

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