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Men's Kimono



Mon-tsuki is a formal kimono with family crests.

It's worn by men on formal parties or ceremonies,
like marriage ceremonies of family or relative.
Also it's worn for funeral.

"Mon" means "family crest", and "Tsuki" means "putting on".
The fabric is plain / solid, and it has family crest.
Having 5 crest is formal, but 3 or 1 crest are allowed.

Black Mon-tsuki is called "Kuro Mon-tsuki",
and it is the most formal kimono of men.

It's worn with Haori (jacket of Kimono) and
Hakama (a long pleated skirt/pants worn over kimono).
It has 5 family crest, and its material is the highest class silk called "Habutae".

Generally, when Japanese people say "Mon-tsuki",
it means "Kuro Mon-tsuki + Haori + Hakama".
It's equivalent to tailcoat, morning coat or frock coat of Western clothes.

Color Mon-tsuki is called "Iro Mon-tsuki".
It's also men's formal kimono.

Basically, it's worn with Haori and Hakama,
has 5 or 3 or 1 family crest, and is made from "Habutae".

If it has some family crest, Omeshi & Tsumugi & Edo-Komon can be worn as semi-formal.
It's also a kind of Mon-tsuki, and is called like "Mon-tsuki no Omeshi"
to distinguish it from Kuro Mon-tsuki.

           Date : Aug/17/2009, Oct/20/2009, Nov/11/2009

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