□ Gofuku

At first, I explain about Japanese "Kanji".
"Kanji" is a Chinese character, it was introduced from China in first century.

So, Japanese kanji has two ways to read it.
These are Chinese-style called "On-yomi" and Japanese-style called "Kun-yomi".
(For example, can be read in about sixteen ways.)

"Go" is a name of an ancient country of China.
It's continued from A.D. 222 to 280.
"Go" is the Chinese-style reading way of .
It's read "Kure" in Japanese-style.

At that time, in Japan, weavers were called "Hataori", and it's changed into "Hatori".
Japanese people assigned for word "Hatori".
It's read "Fuku" in Chinese-style, and it means "clothes" now.

In 5 century, a weaver woman came from China area.
She said she came from "Go", and she taught a way of weaving to Japanese people.
She and her fabric were called "Kure-hatori" and were written .
Few centuries later, it became to be read in Chinese-style "Gofuku".

Now, "Gofuku" means not only her fabric but all kind of fabrics for kimono.
And, the shops specializing in kimono are called "Gofuku-ya" or "Gofuku-ten".
(Both of "ya" and "ten" mean "shop".)

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