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How to Get

How to Get KIMONO.

You can buy kimono from
Gofuku-shops (shops dealing in kimono), department stores, antique shops,
resale shops, flea markets, mail-order sales, online shops, auction and so on.

High-priced or low-priced, brand-new or secondhand, custom-made or ready-to-wear...
There are a lot of choices in front of you.

Here we present ways to become an owner of KIMONO with classifying into shop's places.

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We are happy if you refer it when you visit to or live in Japan.
Most basic way is to visit Gofuku-shops or department stores.
But it's in Japan alone.

We don't know well about another countries.
In foreign countries, bidding with internet auction is common, we just guessed.
But, we knew there are Kimono-shops in some countries, from a visitor's message.

Is auction popular in your country?
Or, your country has Kimono-shops?

Would you let us hear about your country's?
Please send us a message from jump to "Contact" !

are YOU from search?

What you look for concerns Japan? Did you find your answer at this site or our blog?
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