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Custom-made Kimono

You can buy a custom-made kimono in
Gofuku-shops, department stores and online mail order.
Custom-made kimono is called "Atsurae" or "O-atsurae".

When you order custom-made kimono, you have to pay fabric's cost and sewing cost.
If you want to line it, you have to bear lining material's cost too.

Custom-made kimono is basically expensive.
But you can get your ideal kimono, it's just only one.
Shops are preparing a lot of fabrics, and you can make your original fabric too.
The size will fit you perfectly and it's very easy to wear it beautifully.

If you can find a reasonable kimono-shops, you can buy
custom-made kimono in low-price than high-class ready-made kimono.

Or, if you buy a roll of fabric for kimono in antique, and bring it to a tailor,
you can order custom-made kimono in more reasonable price.
Moreover, if you can do Japanese sewing, you can make a kimono by your own hand!

When a custom-made kimono is obtained, you will feel it very special.

[ General process of ordering a custom-made kimono ]

1. Visiting Gofuku-shops or department stores.
2. Consulting with staffs.
3. Choosing a fabric.
4. Taking your measurements.
5. Waiting a few month.
6. Getting a Kimono!
7. Paying the bills.

           Date : Jul/17/2009, Aug/03/2009

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