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Let's make "Iko".

"Iko" is a Japanese traditional rack for hanging kimono.
There are folding type and single-panel type.
It's made from wood or bamboo, often lacquered and decorated gorgeously,
and is very antique like, old-fashioned and so cool!

Usually, folding type will cost at least $140,
and single-panel type will cost at least $300.
If you buy the gold-lacquered high-class Iko, it might be $1000 or more.

folding type Iko single-panel type Iko
folding type Iko single-panel type Iko

□ Planning

Iko plan 1
Iko plan 2
Iko plan 3

- To put it away easily, we'll make it sectional.
- It can hang up not only Kimono but also Obi.
- When you use it without Kimono, it can use as a jump to "Kicho".
- When you use it with background cloth, it can hide an untidy place in your room.

Our Iko looks like "Kicho".
Kicho 1 Kicho 2 Kicho

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           Date : Aug/10/2009

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