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Japanese Seasons and Design of

 KIMONO. [1/2]

Japan has four seasons.

Of course, I know there are a lot of countries that have four seasons in the world.
But Japanese seasons have deep relation with kimono, and maybe it's a little unique.
So, I want to talk about Japanese seasons.

In Japan, there is temperatures fluctuate of 40 degrees in summer and winter,
and the change of temperature maintains an even pace to gradual throughout a year.
Moreover, Japan is at east end of continental, is surrounded with sea,
is very humid, and is affected by five air masses.

Flowers, plants, trees, food, animals, sky and air are rich in changing.
Japanese people in the old days have had and felt 6 or 24 seasons.
It can be guessed it is related to farming and sensibility of those days.

A lot of Japanese people are still feeling 6 seasons that are spring,
rainy season (Tsuyu), summer, autumn rain (Shurin), autumn and winter.
And 24 seasons also are still living in calender.

Not only having distinct seasons, Japanese people really love enjoying season and weather.

For example, in spring, they pay attention to "cherry-blossom front" and
"cherry-blossom forecast" that is broadcasted on TV weather-report everyday,
wait for blooming, enjoy viewing it, and are reluctant to leave.
Cherry-blossom moves people all over Japan.

They change their food, furniture, tableware, restaurant's menu,
goods for sale, style of showcase display, etc. according to the season.
It's not only for avoiding heat or cold, but also for enjoying and getting along with the season.
So, Japanese people receive and respect seasons, and adopt it to everyday life.

Perhaps, such customs are fading now except old family that live in old house
like prestigious family in Kyoto.
Business scene like restaurants or shops is still running with seasons,
but we use air-conditioner and eat greenhouse grown vegetables at home.

They also love living with too much convenience & comfort.

But around kimono, such customs are living vividly.

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           Date : Oct/31/2009
           Author : oden


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