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 People in KIMONO?

At first, even if you are hungry for watching kimono,
you should not go to ceremonies without invitation.
Please hope to pass each other with people in kimono at stations or streets.

□ Kyoto City.

Kyoto is very old city and is one of the most developed
city of tourist industry in Japan, like Roma in Italy.
And Kyoto city is strongly promoting the movement to emphasis of Japanese culture.
They are putting a great deal of effort to make this city full of kimono.

If you are wearing kimono and have "Kyoto Kimono Passport",
you can enter some temples, shrines and museums in discount price or free of charge.
Moreover, you can discount food or drink, can get free gifts, can join in some events.

Still more, in mid-March, if you visit Kyoto wearing kimono,
you can use a lot of tourist spot, municipal bus, municipal subway
and a Junrikisha (ricksha) in free of charge, without passport.

Quite a few people who are living in Kyoto wear kimono.
Kyoto match kimono well. And Kyoto kind to people in kimono.
As results, there are a lot of people who are wearing kimono in Kyoto.

□ Summer festivals or Fireworks displays.

In July and August, a lot of summer festivals (Natsu-Matsuri) are held in each of
small communities, and fireworks displays (Hanabi-Taikai) take place at river side.
And some large-scale traditional festivals are held at shrines and temples.
Fireworks displays are most easy to join in particularly.
(In that season, we'll let you know schedule of festivals at jump to our "Blog" new window open .)

So many people put Yukata (unlined cotton kimono) on for these events.
In recent years, young women are wearing Yukata like a summer dress.
And young men are starting to wear Yukata for these events.

□ Coming-of-age ceremonies.

When they became 20 years old, Japanese young people attend
a Coming-of-Age Ceremony held by city, town, village and so on.
Generally, it is held on "Coming-of-Age Day" the second Monday of January.
This day is a national holiday.

Usually, it's off limits to unauthorized persons, you can't get into the grounds.
But you can see some young people in kimono at stations or streets.

A lot of young people put most formal kimono on for this ceremony.
A large majority of women wear very beautiful and gorgeous Furisode especially.
This is a rare chance to wear kimono for a great number of Japanese young people.
For men, maybe it's the only chance except Japanese style wedding ceremony.

□ Graduation ceremonies of universities or colleges.

Another chance to wear kimono for young women is a graduation ceremony.
Generally, it is held in March by each university or college.

Usually, it's off limits to unauthorized persons, you can't get into the grounds too.
But you can see some young women in kimono at stations or streets too.

In Japan, most of junior high schools and high schools are adopting school uniform.
So, at graduation ceremonies, students still wear uniform.
But, they don't wear uniform at universities or colleges.
And they decorate themselves at last graduation ceremonies with special clothes.
A lot of women wear Furisode and Hakama (a long pleated skirt worn over kimono) especially.

           Date : Aug/27/2009
           Author : oden


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