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"KIDORAKU" is a word of Japanese.
It means someone who loves clothes and enjoys clothes as like hobby.
"KI" means "to wear clothes", "DO-RAKU" means "hobby".

We separated the word "KIDORAKU" to "KI", "DO" and "RAKU" with * asterisks.
"KI" means "to wear clothes". "RAKU" means "enjoy" or "easy".
"DO" means "way". And, it also means "do" as a verb.

So, "KI*DO*RAKU" means enjoying & doing the way of KIMONO easily.

We are just the one of KIMONO lovers.
Enjoying KIMONO in Japan, Today.
Learning from tradition and formality, and trying new ideas and new ways.

We want to show you KIMONO's world.
We want to help you wear KIMONO in countries other than Japan.

We hope you love & enjoy & become happy with KIMONO!
Our concept is "What a KIMONOFUL World!".

When I build this site, I'm aiming at "simple, light, nobody get lost".
If you find where hard to surf, please let me know!.....(oden)

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We were classmates of high-school.
We had graduated * years ago, and we still hang out together.

[ oden ]

The proposer of this project.
Managing the website and the blog.
Putting Kimono on models and the mannequin.
Sometimes drawing illustrations.

When I was a high school student, I had a dream to wear Kimono as a daily cloth.
And I started to wear Kimono as a townwear earnestly in autumn 2007.
Since then, I am continuing to learn about Kimono.

"I'd like to share a delight of Kimono with you!"

[ oichi ]

Drawing illustrations.

She likes antique Kimono, but she can't always wear it.
Because, she is tall and Japanese in days of old time were small.
And finally, she ordered a custom-made Kimono.

"Please give me Kimono that fits me perfectly in low-price!"

[ oshu ]

Assisting in checking English.

She has worn kimono only once.
oden helped her putting on kimono.

"I'd like to know about Kimono together!"

[ okome ]

Advising all about this project.

"Yes, Kimono! Yeah!!"


Doing a model.

She came to oden's house in autumn 2008.
She having a parfect proportioned body.
But her hips are small and not good for wear kimono.

"Look at me!"

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